Decorated stones

Decorated stones

Whales, piranhas, birds. How many things can be done with some simple stones!

Decorated stones


  • To develop manual agility
  • To develop agility in the hands


  • A thick paintbrush and a thin one
  • White paper
  • Blue plasticine
  • Stones
  • Blue crepe paper

Pasos a seguir

Choose stones in shapes which remind of some animal. For example whales, piranhas and birds.

Decorated stones paso 1

Paint the piranha. First red for the belly, then dark blue for the back, white for the eye and mouth, green and yellow strips and, finally, the black strips and teeth.

Decorated stones paso 2

If you add a river background with blue crepe paper, you already have your river piranha

Decorated stones paso 3

For the birds you have to paint the base on vivid colours, trying that the spots contrast among them. Make a silhouette in black of the wings, beak and tail. Put them on a sky background

Decorated stones paso 4

Paint the whales grey. When the paint is friead, add the mouse and eyes white and finally the black strips of the teeth, the eyes, the flipper and the tail. Model with blue plasticine a water jet and glue it to the whale.

Decorated stones paso 5


  • Edad:4 years
  • Tiempo:1 hour
  • Dificultad:Low

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