Decorated bags

Decorated bags

For your presents the most original.

Decorated bags


  • To develop concentration
  • To develop manual precission


  • A red plastic bag
  • A piece of autoadhesive yellow plastic
  • Permanent black and green markers
  • Double side adhesive tape
  • A piece of orange plastic
  • Green plastic raffia
  • Red gomets
  • Scissors

Pasos a seguir

Draw and cut out the shape of a head in the orange plastic.

Decorated bags paso 1

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Draw the eyes, the nose and the mouth with the black marker. Make the cheeks with two gomets. Glue the face to the red plastic bag

Decorated bags paso 2

Cut half circle of self-adhesive yellow plastic, draw on it the form of the body and decorate it with spots and green lines.

Decorated bags paso 3

Remove the paper from the self adhesive plastic and stick the body to the plastic bag, under the head.

Decorated bags paso 4

Cut out strips of raffia, tie them to the centre and stick them with double side adhesive tape over the head.

Decorated bags paso 5


  • Edad:5 years
  • Tiempo:1 hour
  • Dificultad:Medium

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