Beads for necklaces

Beads for necklaces

With this children’s craft, the child will be able to make his own beads to create jewels. These beads are well preserved in glass flasks or metal boxes.

Beads for necklaces


  • To make beads for necklaces at home
  • To develop skill
  • To have a reserve od beads to make jewells


  • Salt paste, plasticine or clay which hastens in contact with the air
  • A small tray or bowl.
  • Varnish
  • Elastic thread
  • A wooden brochette
  • Paint
  • Relief paint

Pasos a seguir

Model oval balls to prepare the beads. Prick the beads with the brochette or with a toothpick. Put the brochette on the tray or glass bowl so each point of the brochette lays on a side of the tray or bowl.

Beads for necklaces paso 1

Leave the beads to dry during 24 hours. If you want to go faster, ask an adult to dry the beads in a warm over during one hour.

Beads for necklaces paso 2

Paint the beads of different colours and decorate them with pictures made with relief paint. Wait until they are dried.

Beads for necklaces paso 3

Varnish the beads and leave them to dry.

Beads for necklaces paso 4

String the beads in a elastic thread.

Beads for necklaces paso 5


  • Edad:4 years
  • Tiempo:1 hour
  • Dificultad:Medium

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