Venetian mask

Venetian mask

This children’s craft is a good pretext to discover the Venetian Carnival and its traditional masks. It is a great costume for a children’s party, a school play or Carnival

Venetian mask


  • To develop coordination
  • To develop creativity
  • To know traditional celebrations better


  • A cardboard dish
  • Beads or sequins
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Crepe paper
  • A stapler
  • Elastic thread

Pasos a seguir

Cut out the cardboard dish following the model of the photo. Hollow the eyes. Paint the mask white

Put glue following the mask outline and glue beads and sequins to decorate it. Wait until it is dried.

Venetian mask paso 4

Cut out two stripes of paper and staple it to the sides of the mask. Put the two stripes together making a ring of the size of your head. If you prefer it, you can also simply tie a piece of elastic thread to the sides of the mask.

Venetian mask paso 5


  • Edad: 6 years
  • Tiempo: 1 hour
  • Dificultad: Low

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