Children´s self portrait

Children´s self portrait

This portrait made with photos of the children is a children’s craft present as a present for any occasion.

Children´s self portrait


  • To make a self-portrait
  • To learn to distance from the own image.
  • To play with the own image
  • To develop creativity


  • Drawing papers
  • A photo of the child´s face
  • Paints
  • A paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Pasos a seguir

Paint a piece of paper and leave it to dry.

Cut out the face of the photo

Children´s self portrait paso 4

Glue the face on the figure. You can complete the drawing by cutting out and gluing different figures of paper.

Children´s self portrait paso 5


  • Edad: 3 years
  • Tiempo: 30 minutes
  • Dificultad: Low

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