Sweets cone

Sweets cone

This children’s craft is very easy to make and can be a perfect gift for a christening, filled with sugared almonds, or for a wedding, first Holy Communion or a birthday.

Sweets cone


  • To develop skill.
  • To do a precise work.


  • A light pink and a dark pink sheet of paper to do 3D flowers
  • Sellotape or glue
  • A green card
  • A tape or cord

Pasos a seguir

Make a cone with the green card and stick it with sellotape or glue.

Sweets cone paso 1

Glue flowers in the outer rim of the cone.

Sweets cone paso 2

Glue flowers in the inner rim of the cone.

Sweets cone paso 3

Make a hole at each side of the cone.

Sweets cone paso 4

Put the tape or cord through the holes and tie a knot at each side.

Sweets cone paso 5


  • Edad:6 years
  • Tiempo:1 hour
  • Dificultad:Low

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