Salt pastry bushes

Salt pastry bushes

This children’s craft is a decorative object that dad or mum can put on their office table. It is also a good gift for any occasion.

Salt pastry bushes



    • Salt pastry or plasticine which dries in contact with the air.
    • Green paint
    • A grater
    • Very small clay pots
    • A sponge or thick paintbrush
    • Gel glue or neoprene glue

    Pasos a seguir

    Make salt pastry balls of different sizes. Roll them on the grater

    Salt pastry bushes paso 1

    Put the balls one on the other to form bushes.

    Salt pastry bushes paso 2

    Put all the bushes on an oven tray and bake them for about two hours at 110º-120º

    Salt pastry bushes paso 3

    Wait until they are cool. Put two piles of different tonalities of green paint in a piece of paper.

    Salt pastry bushes paso 4

    Paint the leaves with a sponge or a paintbrush taking a bit for each pile to imitate the colour of the leaves. Leave it to dry and glue the bushes to the pots.

    Salt pastry bushes paso 5


    • Edad:4 years
    • Tiempo:1 hour
    • Dificultad:Low

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