Mother´s Day card

Mother´s Day card

This children craft is very easy to make and with no doubt, children will get excited about it. Changing colours and shapes, it can be used also in Father’s day or in any other occasion

Mother´s Day card


  • To play with shapes.
  • To develop creativity.
  • To stick gomets
  • To manage shapes


  • A small card
  • Two sheets of paper of different colours
  • Scissors
  • Colour gomets
  • A photo of the child (optional)

Pasos a seguir

Bend the card in two longitudinally to make the card. Cut out a smaller rectangle in a paper and glue it to the card.

Mother´s Day card paso 1

Stick gomets around the second rectangle

Mother´s Day card paso 2

Cut out a shape of a different colour and decorate it with gomets.

Mother´s Day card paso 3

Draw and cut out a big heart in the middle of the shape.

Mother´s Day card paso 4

Glue the shape on the card. Finish decorating it as you want (you can glue your photo in the heart)

Mother´s Day card paso 5


  • Edad:4 years
  • Tiempo:30 minutes
  • Dificultad:Low

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