Decorated jar

Decorated jar

This children’s craft is a good idea to offer as a present or to decorate the table at Christmas.

Decorated jar


  • To acquire agility in the hands.
  • To develop skill. To learn how to do a careful work.
  • To develop the artistic sense


  • A glass jar
  • Relief paints
  • Glass beads or other decorative elements (colored sand, small painted pasta)
  • A small candle
  • Paints for glass or porcelain
  • Sequins
  • A paintbrush

Pasos a seguir

Paint the jar making waves.

Decorated jar paso 1

Spread big drops of relief paint in all the jar.

Decorated jar paso 2

Put a sequin in each drop of paint and press. Complete each figure

Decorated jar paso 3

Finish decorating the jar with relief paint.

Decorated jar paso 4

Give a coat of dimensional paint around the rim and glue glass beads. Wait until it is dried to put the candle in the jar.

Decorated jar paso 5


  • Edad:6 years
  • Tiempo:45 minutes
  • Dificultad:Low

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