Roses medallion

Roses medallion

This nice jewel is a children’s craft perfect to give mum as a present on Mother’s Day, to grandmother for her birthday or to an old cousin.

Roses medallion


  • To develop skill.
  • To do a precise and careful work.


  • Silver grey, red and green plasticine for the oven.
  • A knife which does not cut.
  • A small glass.
  • A toothprick.
  • A rolling pin

Pasos a seguir

Knead the plasticine of each colour. Make a big grey plasticine ball and spread it with the rolling pin. Cut a circle with the help of the glass.

Roses medallion paso 1

Make a hole in the top of the grey circle with the toothprick.

Roses medallion paso 2

Make small balls of green plasticine, flatten them and shape them as a triangle. Separate the leaf in two with a knife or with the toothprick but without cutting the plasticine. Make cuts in the leave. Stick the leaves in the medallion.

Roses medallion paso 3

Make small sausages of red plasticine. Flatten them to make a kind of ribbons. Roll the ribbons around the toothprick.

Roses medallion paso 4

Glue the flowers on the leaves of the medallion very carefully. Put the medallion on the oven’s tray and cook it during 15-30 minutes at 150ºC.

Roses medallion paso 5


  • Edad:5 years
  • Tiempo:45 minutes
  • Dificultad:Low

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