Coconut fruit bowl

Coconut fruit bowl

An original centrepiece with appetizing fruits. But be careful, they are a bit hard to be eaten!

Coconut fruit bowl


  • To develop skill
  • To do a work of precision


  • Stones
  • Green plasticine
  • White glue
  • Paint (orange, yellow, brown, green, red and white)
  • Very small logs
  • A coconut

Pasos a seguir

Choose stones in shapes which remind of some fruit. For example pears, banana, mandarin or strawberries.

Coconut fruit bowl paso 1

Paint each fruit its colour: orange for the mandarin, yellow and brown for the banana, green for the pears and red for the strawberries as well as the white points when they are dried.

Coconut fruit bowl paso 2

Flatten a piece of green plasticine and mark the outline of the leaves. You need three for the mandarien, two medium for the pear and a 6-7 points star for each strawberry.

Coconut fruit bowl paso 3

Glue the leaves with a bit of white blue in the top of the fruits and stick a small log in the centre.

Coconut fruit bowl paso 4

Cut a coconut (an adult must make it). Remove the edible part, clean the shell and use the most beautiful part as fruit bowl.

Coconut fruit bowl paso 5


  • Edad:3 years
  • Tiempo:1 hour
  • Dificultad:Medium

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