Christmas ball

Christmas ball

This children’s craft made out of white and grey paper sheets is very simple to do in family. You can shape it more or less rounded. The wire can be replaced by cotton thread and a hole puncher.

Christmas ball


  • To make paper Christmas balls.
  • To make by oneself Christmas decorations.
  • To participate in Christmas preparations.


  • White paper
  • Thin wire
  • A needle
  • Grey paper
  • Small pearls

Pasos a seguir

For each ball you have to cut four grey strips and four white stripes 1,5 cm width and 20 cm long (a sheet Din A4 is perfect for these measures).

Christmas ball paso 1

Cut a piece of wire about 15 or 20 cm long and pierce the ende of the paper strips with the hole puncher.

Christmas ball paso 2

Fold all the paper strips and make a hole on the fold in such a way that each open strip have a hole in each end and in the center. Thread the paper stripes on the wire through the central hole. You can use paper of different colours and mix them.

Christmas ball paso 3

Take the stripes of paper from the end two by two and thread them again in the wire until you have a ball.

Christmas ball paso 4

Put some pearls through the wire and leave them fall until you have the ball you want.

Christmas ball paso 5


  • Edad:5 years
  • Tiempo:30 minutes
  • Dificultad:Low

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