Decorated bags

Decorated bags

This children’s craft can be a nice wrapping for small presents. It is also useful to bring toiletries to camps or to a friend’s house.

Decorated bags


  • To practice sewing.
  • To make a careful work.
  • To put geometry into practice.


  • Colored felt
  • A piece of cloth (it can be felt)
  • A safety pin
  • A ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle
  • Pencil and ruler

Pasos a seguir

Cut out a cloth rectangle of 40 cm x 30 cm. Bend the cloth along and sew the opposite side to the fold and the side which will make the bottom of the bag.

Decorated bags paso 1

Bend the top part of the bag on itself, as in the photo, and sew the rim leaving an opening to put the ribbon through. Turn the bag the right way round.

Decorated bags paso 2

Hold the safety pin to the end of the ribbon and slide it through the interior of the fold that you have just sewed. When the ribbon is on its place, remove the safety pin.

Decorated bags paso 3

Cut out flowers or other felt figures.

Decorated bags paso 4

Glue the flowers on figures in the bag to decorate it.

Decorated bags paso 5


  • Edad:6 years
  • Tiempo:1 hour
  • Dificultad:Low

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