Cuentos tradicionales en inglés: The little mouse Pérez

Cuentos infantiles de animales para leer a los niños

Te presentamos en inglés el cuento de El ratoncito Pérez

Pepito Pérez was a little town mouse. He lived with his family in a little hole in the wall of a building. The hole was not very big but it was very comfortable and there was no lack of food.

They lived next to a bakery and at night, he and his father used to go to take flour and everything they needed for eating.

One day Pepito heard a great racket in the top floor. And since he was a very curious mouse he climbed and climbed up the pipes until he arrived to the first floor.

Cuentos en inglés para niños

There he saw a lot of machines, armchairs, flowers, pictures… it seemed as if someone was going to settle there. The next day Pepito went up again to see what it was and he discovered something that he liked a lot. In the top floor they had set up a dental office.

Since then, he used to go everyday to watch everything that Dr Jose Mª was doing. He watched and learnt, he watched again and took notes of everything he could in a small cardboard notebook.

After that, he practiced with his family all that he knew. He cleaned her teeth very well to his mother, he cured a toothache to her sister with a bit of medicine…

And this was how Pepito become famous. Mice from all parts came to be cured by him. Country mice with a bag full of food for him, town mice with hat and crane, small mice, big, fat, thin… All of them wanted that the little mouse Pérez fixed their teeth.

But then, old mice started to come with a bigger problem. They did not have teeth and they wanted to eat nougat candy, almonds, walnuts and all they things they could not eat since they were young.

Little mouse Pérez thought and thought how could he help those mice who rely on him. And, as always that he had a doubt, he went to the dental office to watch.

Cuento sobre la caída de los dientes

There he saw how doctor José Mª was putting wonderful teeth to an old man. Those teeth were not of people. They were made in a big factory for the dentists.

But those teeth were huge and they were not useful for mice. Then, when Pepito was going to go home without finding the solution, a child entered in the clinic with his mum.

The child wanted that the doctor removed him a milk tooth so the big and strong tooth will come out quickly. The doctor removed it and gave it as a souvenir. The little mouse Pérez found the solution

- “I will go to that child’s home and I will buy him the tooth”; he thought.

He followed him trhough all the city and when he finally arrived to his home, he met a big cat and he could not enter. He waited until everyone was slep and then he entered to the child’s bedroom.

The child had fallen sleep looking and looking to his tooth and he had put it under his pillow. It took a lot of time to poor little mouse Pérez to find the tooth but he eventually found it and left the child a nice present.

The following morning, the child saw the present and became very happy and he told it to all his school friends.

And from that day, all the children leave their milk teeth under the pillow. And the little mouse Pérez takes them and leaves them in exchange a nice present.

And that is the end of the story.


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