Cuentos con valores en inglés: The Enchanted Island

Cuentos infantiles originales para los niños

Te presentamos este cuento infantil en inglés para que tus hijos aprendan jugando.

Once upon a time there was, near of the coast of the United Kingdom, a very very old house where they lived two children John and Mary. It was cleaning day and they had to tidy the basement. Before doing that, Mary said:

-We’ll never finish! This basement is very old and we don’t know what we could find here.

John answered:

-Don’t worry. We’ll solve it and even it is very dirty, we’ll finish!

Cuentos infantiles para niños

-Well-said Mary

And they started cleaning. While Mary was cleaning one of the old pieces of furniture Juan said

-Come here Mary, look what I have found!

And Mary went to see what happened

-Look Mary, I have found a scroll which seems to be very old- said John.

The scroll was written in a strange language which was unknown on Earth. It said“… ot ngidael thgil ot semoc egassap lacigam a llih eth rean sraey dnasuoht hcae”.

The children translated the text to all languages but they did not decode anything, the only thing they could do was to turn the text from the end to the beginning.

John and Mary came to the conclusion that the scroll said “Each thousand years near the hill a magical passage comes to light leading to…” The children did not know where that way leaded to and they consulted in a library some books of legends to have more information.

The children could not know where the way ended but they discovered that the last time the passage opened was one thousand years ago and that it will be open again exactly in a month. A month was enough to prepare.

The children were intrigued to know where the passage leaded to. They were already on the hill and according to the books, the passage should be already open but… the passage did not open

-These books must tell lies! Said John.

The children decided to go back home. While they were going away something similar to a tremor started to sound, it was the passage which was opening at last.

Cuentos con valores para niños

The children, without thinking, went running towards it. In the passage they met a bat which did not let them enter. The bat was going to bit Mary, but John moved it away with a torch which was on the wall.

More forward they found that the path was divided in three parts. The children did not know where to go. And when they moved six mirrors appeared muddling the path as it seemed that it was divided in six. Mary chose the path on the left.

-Are we arriving?-said John

They had arrived to a part of the path covered by a cloud. The children took a step and they stepped on firm ground. When they saw the landscape they saw a dark cold island which was totally destroyed.

-What can have happened? – Said Maryç

And a voice answered her

“My village has been enchanted by an evil and jealous ghost who lives in a castle in a mountain and who has a bat as an ally. He has turned all my friends into stone and the only way of breaking the spell is by destroying the ghost with a light which was locked in a cave by the evil ghost”.

John said:

-I don’t think it would be very difficult to defeat the ghost and it’s worth doing after such a long journey.

-You’re right. We’re going to defeat the ghost and save the island! – exclaimed Mary.

-Thank you very much-answered the voice and then a beautiful unicorn turned into stone appeared.

Then the children went to look for the light to defeat the ghost. The unicorn had told them that the cave was in the East point of the island. John and Mary had arrived to the cave.

Mary tried to enter but the cave was protected by a magnetic field and she was quite harmed. John returned with the unicorn and asked him how it was possible to go through that field. The unicorn answered that the only way to enter was if you were calm and did not think in anything.

Following the instructions of the unicorn, John went to the cave. John tried to entered and without thinking in anything, he entered in the cave and found the Sacred Light.

Cuentos infantiles de aventuras

When he went out of the cave, John was lighting everything and he also managed to establish Mary’s strength. Children went to the palace where the evil ghost was.

He, from the interior of the castle had a feeling that the Sacred Light was approaching and he tried to flee. The children got to find him and after scarcely seeing the light, the ghost completely disintegrated and all the inhabitants of the island turned into stone went back to life.

The unicorn thanked the children what they had done and he gave them as a present a map where they would find a treasure that had been buried by the ancient inhabitants of the island.

The children went to look for the treasure and, when they found it and opened the chest a light shone and they appeared on their beds. Had all been a dream?

The children were not sure but they had the chest with the treasure at home.

They never told this story to anyone. Who was going to believe them?


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