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Cuentos originales para educar y entretener a los niños

Te presentamos este cuento en inglés para que tus hijos aprendan jugando.

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived with her parents and her pet. One day, when they were going out of the house, they closed the door and the television started to talk to the shelves.

What a bore! They have me switched on all the day”- said the television

“Don’t complain”-said the bookshelf.- They have me full of books and they never take weight away from me”.

Cuentos infantiles en inglés

“And what about me?- said the sofa. “I have to support their weight and arms”.

“I, a little blanket, have the dog all the day on me”,

“And we”- said the video tapes- “ we have always to be the one over the other.

“I”-said the television shelf”- have to support miss television who always heats up and makes a lot of noise”.

The fridge said “ I have to be all the day opening an closing the door and cold escapes from me”:

Anyway, nobody was happy with their role in the house. So they decided to change the,, the sofa wanted to be the fridge and put all the food on it, the three book shelves wanted be a sofa each one so they lied on the floor.

The television shelf wanted to be the dog’s bed, the television wanted to be the bookshelf and all the books put on it, the videotapes got into the fridge and the dog’s blanket, who wanted to be a painting, put itself on the wall.

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When the family arrived home, they found all in a mess and they started to scream Which scandal is this? Who has made it?.

The family went out horrified and phoned the police from a telephone box. When the police arrived and entered with the family in the home they found all the furniture in its place. The police told the family off “police does not have time for jokes”. The family was left astonished.

The following day, it happened exactly the same, all the furniture had change its place and had a different task.

The third day, the mother was the last to go out. She closed the door with a slam and remained in the house. She saw how the furniture started talking but before they could move she said “keep still! I don’t want anything to move.” The pieces of furniture were astonished, they had been caught.

“I want to talk to you for a moment, before you do some crazy thing”- said the mother- “Why do your change places everyday”

“It’s boring to do always the same thing”- the furniture answered.

But the mother said them “that’s what you are made for”.

“But you treat us very bad”- said the furniture- “so we won’t pay attention yo you and everyday we’ll do the same until you learn that things, no matter how useless they are, always have a heart.

The mother ask them for their pardon and they made a deal “From now on, my daughter, my husband, the dog and I will treat you with care and love”

And so, when the furniture saw that they were not threated with indifference, they decided to be in peace and be all happy.


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