The Crystal Ball: Cuentos para niños en inglés

Cuentos infantiles originales para leer antes de dormir

Te presentamos este cuento infantil para que tus hijos aprendan jugando.

Long time ago, a witch lived. She had three sons who loved themselves as good brothers, but the old woman didn’t trust them fearing they wanted to take her power away.

That is why she transformed the old one in an eagle who nested in the summit of a rocky mountain and who was seen few times drawing circles in the immensity of the sky.

Cuentos infantiles para niños

She turned the second into a whale condemning him to live in under the see and only from time to time he stuck out of the surface throwing a large water stream. Both recovered their human shape during two hours each day.

The third son, fearing to be turn into an animal such as a bird or a wolf, fled secretly.

He had known that in the castle of the Golden Sun, an enchanted princess lived waiting the time of her liberation, but whoever tried it risked his life and twenty three young men had sadly died. Just one more could try his luck and no one more after him. And as he was a boy of intrepid heart, he decided to go in the search of the castle of the Golden Sun.

He had been on the way for a long time, without finding the castle, when he found himself lost in an immense forest. Suddenly, he discovered two giants in the distance who were making sings to him and when he approached, they told him.

-We are arguing who has to keep this hat and since we are the same strength, none of us can win the other. As you, men, are cleverer than us, we have thought that you decide.

-How it is possible that you are fighting for an old hat?- exclaimed the young man.

-You ignore its virtues. It’s a miraculous hat, since everyone who puts it on, will be transported in a moment to any place he desires.

-Give me the hat- said the boy- I will go ahead a stretch and when I call your names, start running, I’ll give it to the first who arrives to me.

And he went away pulling down the hat. But, with the princess on his mind, he quickly forgot about the giants. Sighing he exclaimed

-Ah if I could be in the castle of the Golden Sun-

Cuentos de valores para los niños

And he had scarcely pronounced these words that he found himself in the summit of a mountain in front of the door of a castle. He entered and went all over all the rooms finding the princess in the last one.

But, he what a terrible fight he got when he saw her! Her face was the colour of ash, full of wrinkles, her eyes blurred and her hair was red.

-Are you the princess whose beauty is praised by everybody?

-Ah!- she answered- what you see is not my proper shape. Human eyes can only see me in this horrible aspect but for you to know how I really am look through this mirror who is not wrong and reflects my true image.

And she put on his hand a mirror through which the young man saw the figure of the most beautiful girl in the world. He said then.

-How can you be redeemed? I don’t give up in any danger.

-Whoever seizes the crystal ball and shows it to the warlock will break his power and will restore my original figure. Ah!- she added- many have paid it with life, and seeing you so young it aches me to see you exposing to such a great risk for me.

-Nothing will stop me-he answered- but tell me what do I have to do.

-You will know all- said the princess.- If you go down the mountain in whose summit we are, you will find by the foot, next to the fountain, a wild bison with whom you will have to fight. If you kill him, a fire bird will raise from him.

This bird carries in the body a burning egg and the yolk of this egg is a crystal ball. But the bird won’t let go of the egg unless he is forced to do it and if it falls on the ground it will light, burning everything around it and dissolving with the crystal ball so then all your tiredness will be useless.

The young man went down to the fountain and in a moment he heard the snorts and fierce bellowing of the bison. After a long fight, he managed to pierce him with his sword and the monster fell without life.

Cuento para niños sobre la valentía

At that moment, the fire bird came off from his body and set out his flight. But the eagle, the young man’s brother, came flying through the clouds and threw himself to his persecution pushing him to the sea and hounding it with pecks until the bird, not capable of resisting let go off the egg.

However, the egg did not fall in the see but in a fisher’s hut in the seashore which immediately started to burn. Big waves were raised which, flooding the hut, had the fire extinct.

They had been caused by the brother transformed in whale and once the fire was put out, our young man went to look for the egg and he had the luck of finding it.

It hadn’t been melt due to the cold water but the shell had been broken and the young man could take the crystal ball undamaged.

When he presented with it to the warlock, this one said:

- My power has been destroyed and from now on you are the king of the castle of the Golden Sun. You can put the spell off your brothers, returning them to their human figure.

The young man ran to the encounter of the princess and when he entered in her room he saw her in all her beauty. Full of joy, both exchanged their rings.


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