8 cuentos de Navidad en inglés para leer con tus hijos

Historias navideñas en inglés para aprender vocabulario

8 cuentos de Navidad en inglés para leer con tus hijos

El soldadito de plomo, La pequeña cerillera o El Árbol de Navidad son algunos de los cuentos navideños más populares y clásicos. En conmishijos.com os invitamos a leer 8 cuentos de Navidad en inglés para niños. Se trata de un estupendo recurso para que los niños aprendan el idioma de forma divertida y además, puedan reflexionar sobre los valores más importantes de la navidad: la colaboración, la solidaridad o la generosidad. Además, podrás leer la historia del nacimiento del niño Jesús en inglés para que conozcan el verdadero significado de la Navidad. 

1. Historia del nacimiento del Niño Jesús en inglés: The Birth Story of Jesus Christ

The Birth Story of Jesus Christ (El nacimiento del Niño Jesús). Cuento en inglés para niños

Enseña a tus hijos el verdadero espíritu de la Navidad y comparte con ellos esta historia del nacimiento de Jesús en inglés: The Birth of Jesus Christ. Una estupenda forma de seguir mejorando el inglés y conocer el milagro de la Natividad.

Long ago, in a place called Nazareth, lived a woman named Mary. She was a hardworking woman who was always good to others. She was engaged to be married to a man named Joseph, who was also good at heart. One day, God sent an angel to Mary, by the name of Gabriel. The angel told her that God was sending a holy spirit to Earth to help people that soul would be born as Mary's son, and she would name him Jesus. Mary was worried about how this was possible since she wasn't married, but the angel assured her that it would be a miracle from God. The angel also told her that her cousin, Elizabeth, who had no children, would also give birth to a baby called John, who would prepare the way for Jesus birth.

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2. The little tin soldier: El soldadito de plomo

el soldadito de plomo, cuento corto de navidad

One Christmas, a little boy received a beautiful gift as a present. It was a box in which there were twenty five soldiers all made of tin. All the soldiers were dressed up in a pretty red and blue uniform and carried a wooden rifle on their shoulders.

The boy was very excited and set up his soldiers on the table next to his bed. All the soldiers were exactly the same, except for one, who had only one leg. Even then, the soldier with the missing leg was standing as tall and as proud as all the rest of the soldiers.

The little boy had lots of toys in his bedroom. Out of all the toys, the tin soldier with the one leg missing found a toy ballerina who he thought was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. The ballerina stood on a little pink base and looked very elegant. She had on a pretty white tutu that had beautiful sparkling sequins on it. She had long brown hair that was held up in a neat little bun and made her face look even prettier.

The reason the little tin soldier found her so attractive was that, just like him, she too was balanced on one leg.

At night, as all other toys were resting or playing amongst themselves, the little tin soldier would look fondly at the ballerina. One day, a Jack-In-The-Box toy popped up in front of the little tin soldier. He had noticed that the soldier was fond of the ballerina and was very jealous. "Stop looking at the ballerina" he told the little tin soldier. But the little tin soldier was not afraid and kept looking at the beautiful ballerina.

But this made the Jack-In-The-Box very angry. One morning, as the little tin soldier was standing on the window sill, he felt a sudden gust of wind behind him and fell off the window. The little boy was very sad and looked everywhere, but could not find the little tin soldier. The little boy was very sad and looked everywhere, but could not find the little tin soldier.

The little tin soldier was noticed by two small boys, who made a paper boat and put him inside it. They then sailed the boat in a small stream. Soon the wind grew strong and the boat headed towards the sewer. A big rat came near the soldier and asked him to go away.

The little tin soldier was very scared, and felt he would never see his beautiful ballerina again. Soon the paper boat started to tear, and as the boat was almost drowning, the little tin soldier was swallowed by a large fish.

In a few days, the fish was caught and taken to the market place, where it was bought by the help who worked in the house of the little boy!

In the kitchen, as the maid cut the fish up, she found the little tin soldier and showed it to the boy's nanny, who immediately recognized it. The tin soldier was back where it belonged, and could see his beautiful ballerina again.

Leer el cuento de El soldadito de plomo en español 

3. The Gingerbread Man: Cuentos infantiles clásicos en inglés

Cuentos de niños

Te presentamos en inglés este cuento tradicional de Navidad para que tus hijos aprendan jugando. The gingerbread man cuenta la historia de una anciana que cocinó un día una galleta de jengibre con forma de hombre. Sorprendentemente, el pequeño hombre cobró vida y saltó de la bandeja de la cocina. Si quieres saber qué ocurrió con gingerbread man, no te pierdas este cuento en inglés.

An old woman was baking one day, and she made some gingerbread. She had some dough left over,so she made the shape of a little man. She made eyes for him, a nose and a smiling mouth all of currants, and placed more currants down his front to look like buttons.

Then she laid him on a baking tray and put him into the oven to bake.
After a little while, she heard something rattling at the oven door. She opened it and to her surprise out jumped the little gingerbread man she had made. She tried to catch him as he ran across the kitchen, but he slipped past her, calling as he ran:

-"Run, run, as fast as you can, You can´t catch me, I´m the gingerbread man!"

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4. The little Match -Seller: La pequeña cerillera en inglés

La pequeña cerillera en inglés

Te presentamos en inglés este clásico de Hans Christian Andersen para que tus hijos aprendan jugando: The Little match-Seller (La Pequeña Cerillera). Un cuento clásico muy bello pero a la vez triste que nos puede ayudar para hablar con nuestros hijos sobre las injusticias en el mundo, sobre las personas desvaforecidas y sobre los niños que tienen menos que ellos. 

It was terribly cold and nearly dark on the last evening of the old year, and the snow was falling fast. In the cold and the darkness, a poor little girl, with bare head and naked feet, roamed through the streets. It is true she had on a pair of slippers when she left home, but they were not of much use. They were very large, so large, indeed, that they had belonged to her mother, and the poor little creature had lost them in running across the street to avoid two carriages that were rolling along at a terrible rate. One of the slippers she could not find, and a boy seized upon the other and ran away with it, saying that he could use it as a cradle, when he had children of his own. So the little girl went on with her little naked feet, which were quite red and blue with the cold.

In an old apron she carried a number of matches, and had a bundle of them in her hands. No one had bought anything of her the whole day, nor had any one given here even a penny.

Sigue leyendo el cuento The little match seller 

5. The snowqueen, cuentos infantiles navideños en inglés 

Cuento infantil en inglés

Te presentamos este cuento de Hans Christian Andersen para que tus hijos aprendan jugando.

There is a legend that, once upon a time, a beautiful fairy, the Snow Queen, lived on the highest, most solitary peaks of the Alps. The mountain folk and shepherds climbed to the summits to admire her, and everyone fell head over heels in love with her.

Every man would have given anything, including his life, to marry her. Indeed, their lives are just what they did give, for Fate had decided that no mortal would every marry the Snow Queen.

But in spite of that, many brave souls did their best to approach her, hoping always to persuade her. Each suitor was allowed to enter the great ice palace with the crystal roof, where the Queen´s throne stood.

Sigue leyendo The snowqueen

6. The Carol Singers: Cuento navideño en inglés

The Carol singers. Cuento de Navidad en inglés para niños

Este tierno cuento de navidad en inglés, The Carol singers (Los cantantes de villancicos) cuenta la historia de un grupo de pingüinos que, cada Nochebuena, cantan canciones navideñas a sus amigos. Sin embargo, este año será diferente, uno de ellos está enfermo y necesita un alga que está en la otra punta del planeta para ponerse bueno. Solo tienen unas horas para conseguirlo, ¿cómo lo harán?

Eve, Rob, Fred and Micky were penguins who loved singing carols each Christmas in front of the inhabitants of the ice pack. In return, they would get a golden star that they could attach to the Christmas tree.

One Christmas Eve morning, Micky woke up and began to sneeze. "You will have to sing without me tonight" he told his friends, his voice all hoarse and scratchy with cold.

His friends were very sad. "No, we can't do that" they said. But if they did not sing, the inhabitants of the ice cap would be very sad, as they looked forward to hear them sing each Christmas Eve.

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7. Cuento navideño en inglés: A Christmas dream

Cuento de Navidad en inglés: a christmas dream

Como muchos de los cuentos de Navidad, ésta historia en inglés titulada "A Christmas dream" (Un sueño de Navidad), está llena de magia, ilusiones y esperanzas. Un bonito cuento navideño para leer junto a tus hijos estas fiestas y pensar con ellos sobre cuáles son vuestros mayores sueños. 

A little polar bear named Lulu lived on a polar ice cap in an igloo. On Christmas Eve, Lulu was very excited and went up to his mum with his eyes shining bright.

"Mum have I been good this year?" he asked.

"Of course my dear, you are a very sweet and good little bear" his mum replied.

"In that case, can I write a letter to Santa Claus now?" asked Lulu.

"Of course you can," said his mum, "but right after that you will have to go to bed, as it is already quite late."

So Lulu sat down with a pen and paper to write a letter to Santa Claus.

Sigue leyendo A Christmas dream

8. The little Christmas tree. Cuento de Navidad en inglés

El abeto, cuento de Navidad

Once there was a little fir tree who wanted to grow up to become a Christmas Tree, so that he could go and live amongst the humans. The other trees that were older knew more about life with humans and told him that it was not really a good idea to be around humans. But the little fir tree did not want to listen to them, and soon he would go to live amongst the humans himself.

One day, a few children came along with their parents to search for a fir tree for Christmas that they could use to decorate their home. When the children saw the little fir tree they immediately loved it. So they took him home and placed him in their living room along with lots of Christmas decoration.

Once the decorations were complete, the tree lit up with thousands of lights. As Christmas was approaching, everyone enjoyed looking at the beautiful fir tree. The little fir tree got very happy and was sure the other trees had been wrong. To let others think he was beautiful, he started spreading his branches higher and higher.

Till January, the little fir tree was the main attraction in the living room and in the whole house. But then, the tree's needles started to fall off. No one wanted to look at him anymore or pick up the needles that fell. After all the celebrations were complete, the family decided to pack him up and store him in the cellar.

The little tree was very sad.

After a long wait, the little fir tree was one day taken out of the cellar and planted back in the soil. The fir tree was so happy to be back in the soil. He realized that the reason the family had kept him in the cellar to keep him healthy.

The next Christmas, he was dug up again and used in the Christmas decorations, and each year the trend continued. The little fir tree realized that the older trees had been wrong, and that humans too can be good.

Lee este cuento en español: El abeto de Navidad


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