Mini Christmas tree

Mini Christmas tree

Even the youngest ones like participating in Christmas decoration. With this simple children’s craft, the child will feel proud of doing his/her bit.

Mini Christmas tree


  • To develop motor control
  • To develop imagination and creativity


  • Green card
  • A ribbon
  • Crepe paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Metallized paper

Pasos a seguir

Draw a big semicircle in the green card and make a cone.

Mini Christmas tree paso 1

Glue a ribbon around the cone as if it was tinsel.

Mini Christmas tree paso 2

Tear or cut out small pieces of colored paper. Put the pieces of paper between your hands and make small balls.

Mini Christmas tree paso 3

Glue the paper balls as if they were Christmas balls.

Mini Christmas tree paso 4

Complete the fir putting a metallized paper star in its point

Mini Christmas tree paso 5


  • Edad:4 years
  • Tiempo:1 hour
  • Dificultad:Low

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