Halloween pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin

A balloon and some strips of paper are enough to make this children’s craft. A pumpkin which makes up all a Halloween classic.

Halloween pumpkin


  • To prepare decorations in Halloween
  • To make "a Halloween pumpkin" without a pumpkin
  • To develop concentration
  • To learn to be patient


  • A big balloon
  • Glue for painted paper or white glue
  • A small candle
  • A glass yogurth container
  • Orange or yellow crepe paper or orange paper
  • Black paint
  • A paintbrush
  • Scissors

Pasos a seguir

Inflate the balloon. Cut out the crepe paper in rectangles of about 5 cm x 3 cm. Glue parts of the balloon and cover them with overlapped pieces of paper

Halloween pumpkin paso 3

Equal the lantern’s rim with the scissors. Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth.

Halloween pumpkin paso 4

Put the yogurt container on the lantern with a small candle on it. The pumpkin will light by transparency.

Halloween pumpkin paso 5


  • Edad: 6 years
  • Tiempo: 1 hour
  • Dificultad: Low

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