Felt bag

Felt bag

This children’s craft is perfect to keep jewels or small toiletries… To give as a present in Mother’s Day, to a sister or to a friend for their birthday.

Felt bag


  • To develop skill.
  • To develop manual precission with a view to writing.
  • To work the finger´s muscles.


  • A needle
  • Colored felt
  • Scissors
  • Embroider cotton
  • Felt flowers

Pasos a seguir

Cut out a 21 cm x 30 cm felt rectangle. The bag can be bigger or smaller but you must keep the proportions.

Felt bag paso 3

Cut out felt flowers. Sew or glue a flower on the eye, to hide it.

Felt bag paso 4

Sew or glue the felt flowers as decoration. If you want, you can complete the decoration with butterflies, hearts or other felt figures.

Felt bag paso 5


  • Edad: 6 years
  • Tiempo: 1 hour
  • Dificultad: Medium

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