Cuento corto en inglés: The Angel of the Children

Un cuento infantil con valores para leer a los niños

Te presentamos este cuento en inglés para que tus hijos aprendan jugando

Legend has it that a little angel who was in heaven, said to God one day when he was going to be born as a child.

-They say that you are going me to send me tomorrow to Earth. But how I’m going to live as little and defenceless as I am?

- Among many angels I chose one for you, who is waiting for you and that will take care of you.

- But tell me, here in heaven all I do is singing and smiling, that’s enough to be happy.

Cuentos en inglés para niños

- Your angel will sing you and smile to you everyday and you’ll feel her love and you’ll be happy.

- And how I will understand what people tell me if I don’t understand the strange language od men?

-Your angel will tell you the sweetest and most tender words that you can listen and with a lot of patience and love she will taught you how to talk.

-And what shall I do when I want to talk with you?

-Your angel will put your hands together, she will teach you to pray and you’ll be able to talk with me.

-I’ve heard that there are bad men on Earth. Who will defend me?

-Your angel will defend you even if it costs her her life.

-But I’ll be sad because I won’t see you any more my Lord.

-Your angel will always talk you about me and she will teach you the way to go back to my presence, although I’ll always be by your side.

At that moment a great peace reigned on heaven but earthly voices could be heard and the child fast, repeated with tears in his eyes crying.

-My God! I’m going! Tell me her name!! How is my angel called?

-Her name does not matter, you’ll call her MUM.


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