Cuentos en inglés sobre animales: Dumbo

Cuentos infantiles tradicionales para leer con los niños

Te presentamos este cuento infantil en inglés para que tus hijos aprendan divirtiéndose.

That morning, there was a great expectation in the circus motivated by the wait of Mrs Elephant, a little elephant was going to be born.

-How will he look like? I’m sure he’ll be the prettiest elephant in the world.

And he arrived. All the elephants met around the baby and the comments started.

Cuentos infantiles en inglés

-What a big ears!

-It seems he’s going to fly.

-Well, that’s enough gossip! Each one is as he is. It’s better that you dedicate to your business. Get out of here! Hey my child… don’t notice them… you’re the most handsome elephant in the world. They’re just jealous!

The circus continued his tour through different cities and good Dumbo, this was the name of the little elephant, helped in its tasks.

One day, during a parade, Dumbo, who was the last in the row holding his mum’s tail, he stepped on his ears and… bang! he fell rolling.


-He’s stepped on his big ears


-You’re really cruel elephants, mocking my poor child… You’ll see now.

Dumbo’s mum picked on the other elephants with her trunk. She was so angry that the animals’ guardians though she had gone crazy so they chained her up and put her in a very big jail. Dumbo was crying.

-Mum, mummy! Where are you? Come here mummy, I’m very frightened, I don’t wanna be alone.

At that moment, Carioco, the little mouse who sold sweets and popcorns in the break, appeared.

-But Dumbo. What happens? Why are you crying?.

-My mum isn’t here. She’s been locked and I’ve been left alone. What shall I do now?

-Don’t worry; from this moment you are under Carioco’s protection, you’ll see how we solve the things.

But it was not going to be so easy. The manager of the circus wanted Dumbo to work as a clown and he received all the blows and practical jokes… They turned the hose on him, threw him cream cakes, they laugh at his big ears and poor Dumbo felt very unhappy.

-Oh Carioco! If only my mother was here to protect me! But I’m alone and I’m little, that’s why they abuse of me.

-Come on Dumbo, don’t be sad… better times will come. Look, we’re going for a walk in the country, there’s no show this evening so we have it free. Do you want?

-Well, what you say. You’re very kind with me. If it wasn’t for you… you’re the only one who loves me.

Dumbo took Carioco with his trunk and mounted him on his back. Talking and talking they walked through the country until it was dark. Carioco had fallen asleep long time ago and Dumbo eventually also fell asleep.

Cuento sobre el respeto a la diversidad

The next morning…

-Dumbo, wake up Dumbo! What are we going here? Don’t look down!

-Uhmmmmmm, hey, what happens?? Oh!

What had happened? Oh, prodigy! They were asleep in the branches of a thick tree.

-Carioco, how have we got here?. I don’t know how to climb and you aren’t strong enough to bring me up.

-Then I don’t think we’ve gone up flying. Keep still, don’t move. I’m going to find out. Hey, mister Raven! Have you seen tonight how my friend Dumbo and I have arrived to this tree?

The raven explained that the previous night, Dumbo was almost asleep and he stumbled with a root. He flapped his ears in order not to fall and without noticing, he went up in the air, falling in the branches of the tree where they had spent the night.

-Have you heard it Dumbo? You’ve flown! This opens you an enormous perspective in the circus. I’m already seeing the headlines “Dumbo, the only flying elephant in the world”

-Yes but… how are we going to go down now?

-How are we going to go down? As we have gone up… flying!. Move your ears as birds do with their wings.

Good Dumbo started to move his big ears and he flied up as if he was an helicopter. He went up and down, went up again and down again and when he saw he was getting it…

-Oh Carioco, how glad am I! This is working! Look up, down, to the left, to the right. I can fly! I can fly!

Fool with happiness he soared playing and laughing and without stopping moving his ears he went to the circus. Now he was the envy of the rest of the elephants who were not laughing at him anymore. The manager quickly saw a golden min-

-Step by step Mr Manager, I’m the manager of Dumbo, the only flying elephant. We’ll have to do a new contract. My artist will set new conditions. And it was so.

A new contract was redacted, with a lot of advantages for Dumbo. The first clause was that her mother would be set free.

-Oh my son, what a happiness!

She was crying with happiness, holding her son tightly in her legs while she stroked with her trump and kissed her child.

-Mum, I’m so happy. We’re together again and now it’s forever. Nobody will separate us.

The Dumbo Circus, because it changed its name to the one of his main star, obtained a big success. It toured the whole world and the “Flying Elephant”, as he was known, appeared in the covers of all the newspapers and magazines. Televisions and radio stations competed for their opinions.

But nobody was happier than our hero’s mother seeing that nobody laughed at her son again.


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