Cuentos infantiles en inglés: Aladdin

Cuentos tradicionales en inglés para los niños

Te presentamos este cuento en inglés para que tus hijos aprendan jugando.

Once upon a time, there was a widow who lived with her son, Aladdin.

One day, a mysterious foreigner offered the boy a silver coin in exchange of a small favour and as they were very poor, he accepted.

-What do I have to do?-He asked

-Follow me- answered the mysterious foreigner.

The foreigner and Aladdin went away from the village towards the wood, where Aladdin often went to play. Little time after, they stopped in front of a narrowed entry which leaded to a cave that Aladdin had never seen befote.

Cuentos tradicionales para niños

-I don’t remember seeing this cave!-exclaimed the boy- Has it always been there?

The foreigner without answering to his question, told him:

-I want you to enter through that opening and to take me my old oil lamp. I would do it by myself if the entry wasn’t too narrowed for me.

-Ok – said Aladdin,- I’ll go to look for it.

There’s something else– added the foreigner- Don’t touch anything, do you understand me? I want only that you bring me my oil lamp.

The voice tone with which the foreigner said the last words alarmed Aladdin. For a moment, he thought about fleeing but he changed his mind after remembering the silver coin and all the food that his mother would be able to buy with it.

-Don’t worry, I’ll bring you your lamp,-said Aladdin while he slipped through the narrowed opening.

Once inside, Aladdin saw an old oil lamp which tenously lighted the cave. His surprise was big when he discovered a place full of golden coins and precious stones.

-If the foreigner only wants his old lamp-thought Aladdin- he is either crazy or a warlock. Hmmm I think he’s not crazy! Then he’s a…!

-The lamp! Bring it to me immediately!- shouted the warlock impatiently.

-Ok, but first let me go out- answered Aladdin while he started slipping thought the opening.

-No, first give me the lamp!- demanded the warlock closing his way.

No! – shouted Aladdin.

-Worst for you! – Exclaimed the warlock pushing him inside the cave again.

Cuento infantil sobre la humildad

But, while doing it he lost the ring he was wearing in the finger which rolled to Aladdin’s feet. That moment, a big noise was heard. It was the warlock who was rolling a stone to block the entrance to the cave. A deep darkness invaded the place. Aladdin was scared, would he be trapped there forever? Without thinking, he took the ring and put it on his finger. While he was thinking how to escape he was turning it absent-mindely. Suddenly, the cave was full of an intense pink light and an smiling genie appeared.

-I’m the genie of the ring. What do you wish, my lord?

Aladdin, atonished because of the apparition, only could mutter.

-I want to go back home.

Instantly Aladdin found himself at home with the old oil lamp in his hands.

Excited, the boy told her mother what had happened and gave her the lamp.

-Well, this is not a silver coin but I’m going to clean it and we’ll be able to use it.

She was rubbing it when, suddenly, a genie, bigger than the first one, appeared.

-I’m the genie of the lamp. What do you wish?

Aladdin’s mother contempled that apparition without daring to pronounce a word. Aladdin murmured smiling

-Why not a delicious meal with a great dessert?

Immediately, dishes full of delicious delicacies appeared in front of them. Aladdin and his mother ate very well that day and every day for many years.

Aladdin grew up and become a handsome young man and her mother did not have to work for others. They were happy with very little and the genie supplied all their necessities.

One day, when Aladdin was going to the market, he saw the Sultan’s daughter who was wandering in her bunk. With just one look he fall completely in love with her. Immediately, he ran to his home to tell his mother,

-Mother, this is the happiest day of my life! I’ve just seen the woman I want to marry.

-I’ll go to see the Sultan and I’ll ask for his daughter Halima’s hand.

As it was a custom to bring a present to the Sultan, they asked the genie a chest full of beautiful jewels. Even though he was very impressed by the present, the Sultan asked:

-How can I know if your son is rich enough to watch over my daughter’s welfare?Tell Aladdin that, in order to show his richness he has to sent me forty pureblood horses carrying forty chests full of precious stones and forty warriors to escort them.

The mother, disconsolate, went home with the message.

-Where can we found all that the Sultan demands?-asked her son.

-Maybe the genie of the lamp can help us- answered Aladdin.-

As always, the genie smiled and immediately obeyed Aladdin’s orders. Instantly, forty spirited horses appeared carrying chests full of saphirs and emeralds. Waiting impatiently Aladdin’s orders, there were forty horsemen dressed with white turbans.

-To the Sultan’s palace!- Ordered Aladdin.

The Sultan, very pleased with such a magnificient present, realised that the young man was determined to obtain his daughter’s hand.

Few after, Aladdin and Halima got married and the young man had a beautiful palace built next to the Sultan’s one (with the genie’s help, of course).

The sultan was very proud of his son in law and Halima was much in love of her husband who was kind and generous.

But the couple’s happiness was interrumpted the day when the evil warlock returned to the town disguised as a merchant.

-I change old lamps for new ones!- he hawked.

Women changed their old lamps happily

-Here!- called Halima.- Take mine.

Cuentos tradicionales para niños

Aladdin had never told Halima the secret of the lamp and now it was too late. The warlock rubbed the lamp and gave an order to the genie. In a fraction of seconds, Halima and the palace went very up in the air and were taken to the far land of the warliock.

-Now, you’ll be my wife!- Said the warlock with a roaring guffaw.

Poor Halima, seeing herself at mercy of the warlock, was crying bitterly.

When Aladdin went back, he saw that her palace and all that he loved had disappeared. Then remembering the ring turned it three times.

–Big genie of the ring, tell me, what happened with my wife and my palace?

-The warlock who pushed you into the cave some years a go, went back my master and took with him your palace, your wife and the lamp.

-Bring them back to me immediately- asked Aladdin.

-Sorry, my master but my power is not enough to bring them back. But I can take you where they are.

Few after, Aladdin was inside the warlock’s palace. He crossed quietly all the rooms until he found Halima. When he saw her, he held her tighly in her arms while she traed to explain all that had happened to her.

-Shhh!! Don’t say anything until we find a way to escape- whispered Aladdin.

Together they made a plan. Halima had to find the way to poison the warlock. The genie of the ring gave them the poison.

That night, Halima served the dinner and served the poison in a glass of wine that she offered the warlock. Without stopping watching him, she waited until he drank the last drop. Almost immediately, he fell off inert. Aladdin entered quickly in the room, took the lamp which was on the warlock’s pocket and rubbed it.

-How glad I am to see you, my good master!- he said smiling

-Can we go back now?

-Right away!- answered Aladdin and the palace went up in the air and floated softly to the Sultan’s kindgom.

The Sultan and Aladdin’s mother were happy to see their children again. A big party was organized and all the subjects of the kingdom were invited to celebrate the return of the young couple.

Aladdin and Halima lived together and their smile can still be seen each time that someone lights an old oil candle.


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