101 Dalmatians. Un cuento en inglés para los niños

Un cuento sobre perros para que los niños aprendan a leer en inglés

Te presentamos este cuento infantil en inglés para que tus hijos aprendan ingles divirtiéndose:

This story happened many years ago in London town where two beautiful and charming Dalmatians, Perdy and Pongo in a house in downtown with their masters Roger and Anita.

Roger was a pianist and he spent all the day sitting in front of the piano composing beautiful melodies; Anita loved listening to him because he was an excellent musician. Anita and Roger had at their service a sweet old lady called Nany. That day Nany had carefully cleaned the basement, Perdy was on the verge of giving birth. Pongo and Roger were waiting in the dining room for the big event full of impatience.

Cuentos para niños en inglés: 101 Dálmatas

Finally, the door of the basement opened and Nani appeared.

-They are nine! -she announced.

- Eleven! -Shouted Anita from the basement

- No, thirteen!

Few after, they knew the definite number: fifteen! Fifteen puppies! Pongo felt so proud… and completely happy.

- What are we going to do with so many puppoes?

- Keeping them, naturally -answered Nanny rocking the tender puppies.

Precisely that night, evil Cruella de Vil went to visit Anita, an old friend from school. When she saw the puppies she wanted to buy all.

- I will pay you what you ask me for -she said.

- They are not for sale -answered Roger pointing to the door.

Pongo started to growl and showing her his teeth. Then Cruella, went out furious slamming the door.

- I want those puppies! – murmured Cruella -And I’'ll have them!

Then she addressed to her thugs, Horace and Jasper and explain them her evil plan

- We’ll wait until they got their dammed spots on their skin- she said.

- And then, we’ll act taking advantage of Pongo and Perdy’s nightly walk with their masters.

Cómo enseñar a los niños a defenderse

That night, as always, Roger and Anita went for a walk in the park, after leaving the puppies sleeping at Nanny’s care. As soon as Horace and Jasper saw them going away, they entered in the house, locked Nanny and put the puppies into a bag. When they returned, Roger phoned the police, the puppies had disappeared.

But Pongo and Perdy thought about “the Twilight Bark”, the dog’s phone, would be more helpful.

- WOOF! WOOOOOOOOOOOF!- Pongo barked with all his might.

His message ended up being listening by a big Danish who lived in the outskirts and who passed it this way to other dogs, so the message arrived to all the corners of the country.


Finally, the news arrived to the Colonel of the farmer next to Cruella de Vil’s mansión.

- They may be there- said Tibbs the cat.

- Where?- asked the Colonel

- Tonight I’ve heard noise in the mansion. It looked to me that there were a lot of puppies because they didn’t stop parking.

- Let’s have a look at it! – ordered the Colonel.

- For my whisker’s shake!.- He exclaimed astonished when he stuck his head to the window.

They are a lot! We have to communicate it to London immediately!

Pongo had been next to the window all the night.

- Listen WOOF, WOOF, WOOF! They’ve found them in an old country house- he said to Perdita.

The two dogs set off and ran until they finally arrived to the Colonel’s farm. There they informed them about what they had seen. When they arrived to the home, Cruella’s thugs were watching TV. It had not come yet the terrible moment of killing the puppets.

-They are a lot… -said Perdita counting the dogs

- 1, 2, 3, 4…, 65…, 98… Pongo they are 99!

- Don’t worry -murmured Pongo- We’ll take them all.

Cómo educar a los niños en la perseverancia

And they were going out stealthily one by one and Horace and Jasper did not notice. But when the TV programme finished, they started to look for them in all the corners.

- There they are!- cried Cruella who arrived at that moment. -They are going to the old farm.

The puppies, scared, started running while the cat and the horse friends of the Colonel gave them what they deserved.

- We have to look for a place to take refuge- said Perdita softly,- The puppies won’t resist a long time. They are hungry, cold and very tired.

- Come to my farm- an elegant collie said to them coming to their encounter

- You will spend the night in the stable with the cows, they will give milk to the puppets.

After filling their stomach, the tired puppies fall asleep on the soft and perfumed straw. Meanwhile, the collie communicated his plan to Pongo and Perdy

- Tomorrow you’ll go to the village. My friend’s masters have a warehouse and there will be a lorry parked in front of the door. You’ll enter on it and it will take you home.

But Cruella’s thugs will pursue us -said Perdy.

- Everything’s gonna be allright- answered Pongo to calm her.

The following day they went towards the warehouse, but in spite of Pongo’s efforts to delete their prints on the snow, their enemies found them. Cruella and her men knew which direction they had taken!. When the gods were going to enter in the lorry they saw Cruella’s car arrive.

- Quickly! -said the labrador -hide yourself in the basement.

Through the window, Pongo, Perdy and the labrador saw how Cruella, furious, got out of the car.

- You’re a pair of inept! -she was shouting.

- The puppets, unaware of the danger, started to play with coal

- Oh no! – said Perdy

- Don’t worry! -said Pongo and he also rolled around. I’ve had an idea

- I understand- said the Labrador -now you can pass for Labrador and escape.

And they went out of the warehouse and got into the car in Cruella and her thugs’ eyes. But suddenly, a snowflake fell on one of the puppies removing the soot and he became a Dalmatian again!

- There they are! -shouted Cruella.

But the lorry had started towards London with the puppies. Cruella followed the vehicle furiously, but she slipped in a curve and the car was left destroyed in a ditch.

Meanwhile at home, Anita was decorating the Christmas tree and Roger was watching her sad in his armchair.

- I can'’t believe that Pongo and Perdy had left us, said Roger.

And suddenly:


- They are them! -shouted Anita.

- Look, there are ninety nine puppies!

- It doesn’t matter. We’ll keep all. And since this house is quite small, we’ll buy a bigger one in the countryside!


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