Inglés para adolescentes: 10 amazing facts about shortbread

10 hechos sorprendentes sobre los mantecados en inglés para aprender vocabulario

Te invitamos a leer 10 datos asombrosos los mantecados en inglés: 10 amazing facts about shortbread. Una lectura muy interesante, elaborada por la redacción de la revista para aprender inglés I Love English, basado en el contenido que pueden leer en el número 339 de la revista (enero - febrero 2021).

Esta lectura en inglés para adolescentes ayudará a los jóvenes entre 12 y 15 años a mejorar su nivel de inglés y además, aprenderán un montón de curiosidades las distintas razas de perros.

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10 amazing facts about shortbread: 10 hechos sorprendentes sobre los mantecados

Inglés para adolescentes: 10 amazing facts about shortbread

1. Scottish cooks have always been famous for their soups, haggis and their baking!, especially pancakes, fruit cakes, oatcakes and shortbread. Scotland is still known as the home of shortbread.

2. Shortbread is a type of traditional Scottish cookie that evolved from medieval biscuit bread. Eventually butter was substituted for yeast, and shortbread was born. The first printed shortbread recipe originated in Scotland in 1736, from a Scotswoman name Mrs McLintock.

3. Shortbread was an expensive luxury, reserved just for special occasions such as weddings, Christmas, Hogmanay (Scottish New Year?s Eve), and New Year.

4. Scottish bakers fought to prevent shortbread from being classified as a biscuit to avoid paying a government tax on biscuits.

5.  Traditionally, shortbread was broken over the head of a new bride (a woman just married) when she went into her new home. 

6. It is made from one part white sugar, two parts butter, and three parts flour. Many people also add a pinch of salt, which enhances the taste. The large amount of butter is what makes shortbread short. Short, when applied to biscuits and pastry, means "crumbly", i.e. breaking easily into small pieces.

7. Traditional shortbread comes in three different forms: either round biscuits, oblongs or fingers, and triangles or segments cut from a larger circle when it comes out of the oven.

8. Shortbread is similar to shortcake, but not exactly the same. The difference is that shortcake is usually made using baking powder, which gives it a different texture.

9. Today shortbread is a popular souvenir from Scotland. You can find shortbread containing fruit, nuts and chocolate, wrapped in tartan or presented in tartan boxes.

10. January 6th is National Shortbread Day! This day was first celebrated in America, and has become a food holiday worth celebrating across the UK, US and around the world.


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