The hedgehog

The hedgehog

This decorative children’s craft allows us to model a salt paste hedgehog with spines made made of macaroni. It can be painted or left with its natural colour.

The hedgehog


  • To model a hedgehog with salt paste
  • To develop gifts of observation and analysis.
  • To enjoy the animal’s world
  • To have fun alone.


  • Salt paste
  • Lentils or coffee grains for the eyes
  • Macaroni or any other long pasta to make the spines.

Pasos a seguir

Make a ball with salt paste. Make a tip in one of the ends, as in the photo, to make the body of the hedgehog.

The hedgehog paso 1

Make two little balls with salt paste and squash it with your fingers to make its ears.

The hedgehog paso 2

Glue the ears to the body.

The hedgehog paso 3

Prick the macaroni in the body of the hedgehog, starting behind the ears.

The hedgehog paso 4

Glue two lentils to make the eyes. If you want, you can paint your hedgehog as you like.

The hedgehog paso 5


  • Edad:3 years
  • Tiempo:45 minutes
  • Dificultad:Medium

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