Cuentos en inglés para niños: The Adventures of Little Doll

Cuentos infantiles con valores para leer a los niños antes de dormir

Te presentamos este cuento en inglés para que tus hijos aprendan divirtiéndose.

Once upon a time there was a giant who, when he was sharing out a treasure with a very greedy wizard, had an argument with him and threatened him:

-“Don’t you see that I could smash you with my little finger if I would like to? Come on, smear yourself!

When the wizard was far enough, he let out his evil revenge

-“Hocus-pocus! Let the sorcery be done! That the children your wife is bearing won’t be older nor grow up more than my little finger!.

Cuentos infantiles en inglés

When Little Doll was born, his parents were desperated. They were very sad when they saw or touch him and, when they talked to him, they had to whisper in his hear in order not to break his eardrums.

Little Doll, so different from his parents, preferred to play with the small inhabitants of the garden. He amused himself riding on a horse or dancing with a ladybird. Though small in size, he was happy in this world in miniatura.

But on an unpleasant day, he had the bad idea of visiting a frog, friend of him. He had scarcely descended of the leaf that he used as a boat when an enormous pike ate him.

However, it was destined that he had a different fate. Few after, the pike took the bait of a fisher serving the king and in a twinkle of the eyes, he was in front of the knife of the royal cook.

After the general surprise, Little Doll, a bit battered but still alive, went out of the fish tummy . “And now, what shall I do with this man in miniature?” asked astonished the cook. He had an idea “I’ll make a royal page of him!

Since he’s so small, I will be able to put him into the cake that I’m making and as soon as he goes out of the drawbridge, making the trumpet sound, everybody will shout : It’s a miracle!. It had never happened in the court anything similar.

Everybody clapped the cook’s idea, the king the first of them. He rewarded the cook with a little bag of golden coins. Little Doll was even luckier, he would be a page with all the honours of his rank.

He was given a white mouse as a mount, a golden pin as a sword and he also had the privilege of tasting the king’s food.

During the banquets, he walked around the table, among the dishes and cups cheering up everybody with his trumpet. But Little Doll had created himself, without knowing it, an enemy.

Cuentos en inglés para leer a los niños

The cat who up to that moment had been the king’s favourite, was left out to a second place and he swear to have revenge on the intruder by setting a trap in the garden. Little Doll, when he saw the cat, did not flee, as the cat had predicted but rode on the mouse, pulling out his golden pin and shouting:

- Attack! Attack!.

The cat, seeing himself threatened by such an small sword, fled shamefully.

As he could not consummate his revenge, he thought in using wit. Pretending he was there by chance, he waited that the king went up the stairs and whispered to him.

- “Be careful, his Majesty! Somebody wants to make an attempt on your life!”. And he told him a big lie “Little Doll wants to poison your food. I caught him the other day in the garden taking hemlock leaves and I listened him murmuring this terrible treat against you”.

The king, who for some time had been in bed suffering from stomach aches because he had eaten too many cherries, was convinced that he had been poisoned and had Little Doll called.

The cat, to reinforce his acussation, hide a hemlock under the mouse’s mounting chair. Little Doll did not feel with the appropriate frame of mind to answer the accusations made by the cant and the king ordered that he was locked in a pendulum clock.

Hours and days passed until one night, a butterfly that was flitting around the room noticed that Little Doll was beating the glass asking for help.

-“Save me!” He was crying.

The butterfly, who had been locked for a long time in a card box, took pity on him and freed him.

-“Quickly! Go out! Climb on me before they discover us! I’ll take you to the Butterflie’s Kingdom where all the inhabitants are as little as you and you will make friends quickly”. And so it was.

Still today, if you have the chance of visiting this kingdom, you will see the monument that Little Doll built in honour of the butterfly who freed him and gave cause to this wonderful adventure.


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