Cuento tradicional de Grecia en inglés : Perseus and Medusa

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Te presentamos esta historia mitológica en inglés para que tus hijos aprendan jugando.

Long long time ago, in the age of gods and heroes, three horrible sisters lived in the region of Atlas who were known as Gorgons. The most terrible of the three was called Medusa.

From Medusa’s head, instead of hair, living snakes came out. And when Medusa saw the face of a man, dog or living being, the man, the dog and the living being were immediately turned into statues of stone.

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During years, a lot of brave and well armed heroes had come to the region of Atlas to kill Medusa. None could kill her. Warriors and warriors were seen in all parts in different attitudes, but motionless and stiff.

Then Perseus, son of Jupiter, came. Perseus knew how dangerous were Medusa’s eyes but he was very well prepared. He had a curved sword a present from god Mercury.

He had a very hard shield made out of bronze and as plain as a mirror. And he had also wings which flied each time that he put them in his hills.

He arrived flying. But instead of throwing himself against Medusa, he remained far only worrying about not looking her to the face, not seeing her eyes under no circumstances.

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And as it was necessary to spy her all the time, he used the bronze shield as a mirror to watch all that she was doing.

Medusa was going from one place to another, making efforts to scare Perseus. She cried horrible things and the snakes of her head where moving and whistling furiously. But she never got that Perseus watched her directly.

Tired, she fell asleep. Her terrible eyes closed and little by little, her snakes also fell asleep. Then Perseus came without making noise and cut her head off with just one cut.

During all his life, he kept Medusa’s head which he used many times to turn his enemies into stone.

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