Cuentos con valores en inglés: King Midas

Cuentos infantiles tradicionales para leer a los niños

Te presentamos este cuento infantil en inglés para que tus hijos aprendan jugando.

Once upon a time there was a very goodking called Midas. He only had a defect, that he wanted for him all the gold in the world.

One day he made a favour to a god. The god told him:

Cuento infantil en inglés

-I’ll grant you what you ask me.

- I want that everything that I touch would be turn into gold.

-What an stupid desire, Midas! That can bring you a lot of trouble. Think it, Midas, think it.

-That’s the only thing I want. -Let it be that way, then.

And the dresses that Midas was wearing turned into gold as well as a branch he touched or the doors of his house. Even the dog who went to say hello turned into a golden statue.

And Midas started worrying. The most serious thing was that when he wanted to eat, all the food turned into gold. Then Midas could not stand any more. He went running horrified looking for the god.

-I told you, Midas- said the god- I told you. But now I can’t free you from the gift I gave you. Go to the river and enter in the water. If when you go out you are not free, then there will be nothing to do.

Midas ran to the river and went into the water. He was there for a long time. Then he went out quite scared. The branches of the tree he touched, remained green and fresh.

Midas was free! From then, the king lived in a hut that he had made by himself in the wood.And there he died quietly as the humblest of the peasants.


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