Inglés para adolescentes: 10 interesting facts about endangered species

10 hechos sorprendentes sobre especies en peligro de extinción en inglés para estudiantes de secundaria

¿Quieres conocer más acerca de las especies en peligro de extinción? Algunas especies de animales han desaparecido para siempre y otras están amenazadas. 

Te invitamos a leer 10 surprising facts about endagered species elaborado por la redacción de la revista para aprender inglés I Love English en su número de mayo-junio 221 (número 333).

Los estudiantes de Secundaria conocerán datos muy interesantes y sorprendentes sobre estos animales, mientras aprenden nuevo vocabulario y practicarán la lectura en inglés.

10 interesting facts about endangered species (110 hechos sorprendentes sobre especies en peligro de extinción )

inglés para adolescentes

1. An endangered species is any species of animal, plant or other living organism that will become extinct if its populations continue to decline. Of the around 45,000 species that have been studied by scientists, about 38% is threatened with extinction. Among animals, the dodo, the dusky seaside sparrow and the passenger pigeon are species that have already gone extinct. 

2. Technological revolution, depletion of our natural resources, deforestation or destruction of natural habitats, poaching or illegal hunting, and, generally, the threat of human activity are causes of this decline. Raising awareness among people helps create movements to safeguard them.

3. Species that nowadays continue to be endangered are: the Amur tiger and the Sunda tiger, the Bornean orangutan, the Cross River gorilla, the Sumatran elephant and the black rhino. The Sumatran rhino?s total population is estimated at under 80.

4. Rhinos are poached for their horns, which are kept as a trophy and a symbol of wealth. Rhino hunting was in fact considered a leisure activity. Ways to protect them are: fencing them into protected areas, providing armed guards to ward off poachers and even cutting off their horns!

5. The saola or Asia unicorn, as it has also been named, is another endangered species. It was discovered around twenty-five years ago. Saolas are rarely seen in the wild. This animal with sensational markings on its face has been spotted very few times in areas of Vietnam and Laos. 

6. The vaquita is the world?s rarest marine animal and also the most endangered cetacean. Vaquitas are found on the north coast of California, but illegal fishing in marine protected areas within Mexico?s Gulf has reduced the population size.

7. Fortunately, 99% of the species listed as endangered or threatened by extinction have been saved by conservation initiatives. For example, zoos help endangered animals by educating people about endangered animals, studying them and establishing captive breeding programmes.

8. The grey wolf, the bald eagle, the black-footed ferret and the raccoon are species that have been taken off the endangered species list thanks to the efforts made to recover them. The once-endangered bald eagle is the national symbol of the United States. Half of the world?s bald eagles can be found in Alaska. 

9. Protecting plants that are at risk of extinction is fundamental to avoid the disappearance of animal species also: just one plant may provide food and/or shelter to more than 30 species of animals!

10. We all can help protect endangered animals and plants from extinction in many different ways. For example, we can reduce, recycle and reuse materials, protect natural habitats, grow native plants and educate our families about this important issue.

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