Felt jewel case

Felt jewel case

This children’s craft is very easy to make. It can be a good present for Mother’s Day or can be used to keep the own jewels.

Felt jewel case


  • To develop creativity
  • To develop artistic sense


  • A plastic bottle
  • A cord
  • Serrated scissors
  • Felt
  • Glue
  • Decorative elements: beads, feathers, sequins, shells, dried flowers, tapes, buttons.

Pasos a seguir

Ask an adult to cut the bottle 6 cm from its base. Cut a felt strip with the size of the bottle’s circle and 15 cm high. Bend the felt strip in 6, as in the photo.

Felt jewel case paso 1

Cut out the petals pointed with the serrated scissors. You will get six petals. Make a hole in each petal with the scissors.

Felt jewel case paso 2

Glue the felt on the bottle, leaving the petals to protrude.

Felt jewel case paso 3

Put the cord through the holes and close the case pulling the cord.

Felt jewel case paso 4

Decorate the case gluing the decorative elements that you prefer.

Felt jewel case paso 5


  • Edad:6 years
  • Tiempo:30 minutes
  • Dificultad:Low

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