The ingenious rabbit

Te presentamos este cuento en inglés para que tus hijos aprendan jugando.

Periquín had his lovely house next to the road. Periquin was a little rabbit of white felt, who liked going sunbathing next to the pit which was near his house. He used to seat on the curb of the pit and there he stretched his ears.

It was good to live in that little spot, where no one went disturbing the peace that Periquin enjoyed.

But one day the Robber Wolf appeared straight to the pit. Our little rabbit started trembling. Then, it occurred to him to start running and lock himself in the little house before the enemy arrived, but he did not have time. It was necessary to invent a trick to cheat the robber because, on the contrary, he will have a really bad time.

Periquin knew that if the Wolf did not find money to take away from his victims, he punished them with a good hiding. By then, the Robber Wolf arrived next to him and aimed at him with his horrible blunderbuss, ordering him:

- Put your hands up Mister Rabbit and let go of the bag if you do not want that I beat your ribs with a stick-.

-Oh, I am so upset my dear Wolf!- Periquin moaned as if he had not heard the robber’s treat. – Oh, my silver jar!

-Silver? What are you saying?- Asked the Wolf.

-Yes my friend, silver. A hallmarked silver jar, which costs at least a fortune. My grandmother bequeathed it to me and you see! With my jar I was rich; but now I am poorer than rats. I dropped it to the pit and I cannot recover it! Oh poor of mine!- the rabbit sighed.

-Are sure it is silver? Hallmarked silver?- Asked the robber full of greed.

-As it weighed twenty kilos!- Declared Periquín.- Twenty kilos of silver which are in the bottom of the pit and that I won’t be able to remove

-So my dear friend- exclaim joyfully the Wolf, who had already taken a decision,- that nice silver jar is going to be mine.

The Wolf, apart from being a robber, was very stupid and started to put his clothes off to have a greater freedom of movement. The clothes, the shoes, the horrible blunderbuss, everythibg was depositated on the curb of the pit.

-I’m going to look for the jar- he said to the rabbit.

And he went in very determined in the bucket that, tied with a string, was used to get water out of the pit, he let himself fall through the hole. Few time later he arrived to the woter and a voice went up to Periquin

-Little rabbit, I’ve arrived! Let’s see where that treasure is. Do you remember where have you dropped it?-

-Look at your right- answer Periquin containing his laughter.

-I’m already looking, but I don’t see anything here…

-Then look at your left- said the rabbit, stucking his head out of the pit and laughing each time more.

-I´m looking and looking, but I don’t find it… What are you laughing at?- Asked the wolf wary.

-I’m laughing at you silly robber and at how difficult is going to be for you to go out. This will be the punishment for your greed and evilness, since you must know that there is no silver jar not even a tin one. You wanted to rob me but you are going to be the robbed because I’m taking your clothes and the blunderbuss with which you terrified all.

And, in this way, the ingenious little rabbit left the Robber Wolf punished because of his greed and evilness.

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