The Bag of Lice. Cuento en inglés para niños

Cuento del bolso de piojos del rey en inglés

Cuento en inglés para niños: The Bag of Lice. Cuenta la historia de un rey que hizo una bolsa con un piojo enorme. El afortunado en desposarse con su hija sería aquel que adivinara de qué estaba hecha su bolsa

One day the queen was combing the princess’ hair and she found a louse.

-Look father- said the princess,- the louse that mum has found in my hair.

-Don’t kill him!- exclaimed the king,- let’s put it in a flash. I’m curious about how big can grow a louse fed of royal blood.

Cuento en inglés. Bag of lice

The king put the louse into a flask and from time to time he allowed him to feed of the princess’ royal blood leaving it on the girl’s head for some hours.

The louse grow so much that the king had to put it in a barrel. The princess kept on feeding it, and the louse kept on growing until the king had to put it out of the barrel and put it in a bigger cask. Eventually, when it did not fit in the cask, he had to kill it. The king had the louse’s skin tanned and ordered the royal tailor to make a leather bag.

When the bag was finished, the king made the same question to everybody.

-Guess from which animal is the leather of my bag?

Some said that from beef, others from deer but nobody could hit on it. At last, the monarch made proclaim in all his kingdom that the one who guessed from which animal came the leather of his bag would marry the princess. People came from many parts to see the bag, but nobody could guess.

One day, a shepherd arrived to the town bringing his flock to sell it on the market. He decided to visit the town and started to walk. After walking for a long time, he arrived to the king’s palace. Tired, he sank back on the garden’s wall. He lit a cigarrette and as he was smoking he heard someone talking in the garden. It was the king talking with the queen saying her:

-I think that nobody is going to guess that my bag is made out of louse’s skin.

As soon as he heard this the shepherd went away thinking “now I can marry the princess”.

The following day, the shepherd went to the palace and seeked an audience with the king. When he was in front of him he said:

-Lord, I come to see if I guess the skin of which your bag is made.

-Guess- said the king.

-Lord,-answered the shepherd- it is made out of louse skin.

-You’ve guessed it!- cried the king. And he ordered that the wedding of the shepherd and the princess would be celebrated the soonest as possible.


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