The Goblin and the Mouse

Te presentamos este cuento en inglés para niños para que tus hijos aprendan divirtiéndose.

People say that in the darkness of the night, little beings live, many of them owners of a lightness caused by the small lanterns they always bring with them. They live in the gardens and the corners of wooden houses. They usually celebrate big meetings and parties among the log of the southern kitchens. They always dress well, using nice red, yellow or purple hats, sleeveless sweaters and trousers that normally go together with their hats and in their feet, they wear hoses that finish in point with bells.

Generally, when we wake up at night without reason, is because one of them has passed running through the pillow, very close to our head, making his hoses with bells sound.

They are quite mischievous and joking, many times the sit next to our ears and whisper us the dreams we are going to have lately. Other times, they take part directly on them, but their favourite joke is to wake us up in the climax of a nice dream. And how do they do it? Well, they hit us on the nose with their lantern and go running.

Well, this is the history of one of them who, as any goblin, had his lantern and bell hoses, unequivocal sign that he was an experienced goblin of the dreams. This goblin’s name was Plis-Plin and he boasted about being well-known in the nightly community of the flowers of the gardens and forest, where they live also other beings such as fairies. This goblin was very well-known for his jokes, some of them really practical.

Plis-Plin, as every night, went to invent dreams among the children who slept from very early warm in their beds. He was jumped from pillow to pillow, whispering dreams in the children’s ears when he found by surprise another nightly worker and walker of children’s headboards. It was Mr Dentist Mouse; Plis Plin had heard many times in the goblins of the dreams meetings about this mouse. He was a nightly authority because he removed from the pillows the milk tooth that fall from the children’s little mouth. In exchange, he left them a chocolate coin. His task was very important and respected.

Our goblin looked at him thrilled sitting on a tale’s book. Mr Mouse looked at him and invited him to come close to talk. The Dentist Mouse was old and used glasses and scarf, in addition he carried two suitcases, one with the chocolate coins and other with the milk teeth that he removed from the pillows.

They were talking for a long time as they ate some chocolate coins. They laughed a lot telling each other the anecdotes that used to happen to both in their working nights. Since they had got on so well they decided to keep on working together that night. While the goblin whispered dreams in the children’s ears, Mr Dentist Mouse searched under the pillows looking for a milk tooth to exchange for a chocolate coin. They were all the night until dawn came and with it, the time to say goodbye. But Plis-Plin had a great doubt, what did Mr Dentist Mouse with all the teeth that he collected during the night?

Mr Dentist Mouse explains our curious goblin that all the teeth are taken to a big factory where they are washed in cow milk just milked and they are given a coat of calcium sweet. They are left to dry and then, Mr Giving Smiles Mouse, who was a white mouse with pink ears and glasses, put them on the pillow of the babies so Mrs Fairy of the Blue Light goes through and with a little touch of her magic wand, the tooth appears in the babies’ mouth as the first present from the beings of the night.

After satisfying his curiosity, Plis Plan said goodbye to Mr Dentist Mouse and left running with jumps towards his soft leaves and petals bed which he had in a larch. It had been a very interesting night and he promised himself to meet Mr Dentist Mouse again. This time, as a present, he would bring him a thimble of warm nectar and a delicious piece of cheese.

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